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What is the use of podcasts?

We are living in a day where everything is required to be very quick and immediate and reaching the consumers has become the number one priority, and no one can take any chances in lagging behind on the market; thus the first person to hit the market  with quality content is the winner. To hit the market in an analog format is very difficult and to reach all the different countries makes it difficult.

In the early 21st century with the devices like iPod by apple, it made it very easy for people to carry a huge collection of audio and video files everywhere on a tiny device.

In order for the content to be available to everybody to download and listen to or watch all the file were put online, and they were available for download online. The word podcast came into existence with two different words being combined which are the word iPod and the word broadcast being combined to create the word podcast.


But even before the word podcast came into existence, it was already on practice to upload audio files in order for the listeners to download the audio files and listen to them.  On the October of 2003, the weekly show called the backstage pass started to upload their aired files on to their website. This was the starter of the podcasting trend it was carried on further channels like the BBC, CBC radio one, public radio these were the followers of the method of podcasting.

It slowly began to develop apace among the artists of the musical industry in order for them to reach their audience quickly. Today we are living in a time were convenience is given much importance and many people don’t like carry around a lot of things and make the burden even much thus everyone rely on the usage of the podcasts.



Seeing the popularity of the audio files being downloaded even the video files are being made available online for download. With the rise of new technological gadgets like mobile phone, tablet and wearable gadgets nobody is dependent on CD’s or digital video disks for viewing content, all one has to do is to download any particular file of their choice and then start to view it and they would not have even to wait for the file to be played in a theater (in the case of a movie).

Integration of other fields into the podcast technology:

Though podcast was first started for the purpose of dispensing entertainment content it has extended its coasts to other fields like politics and education, thus through this everyone can enjoy the benefits of a podcast .

Podcast is free for all the users except for the Apple iTunes users; thus everyone can get access to quality content free of cost.

Everything you need to know about Podcasting

Why Podcasting?

Podcasting is one of the best ways to get across your unique message to a large target audience. Podcasting is speaking into a virtual megaphone wherein you grow audiences and followers for your work. Those who subscribe to you receive notifications and downloads about your show.

Podcasting is a very raw and open field that has only recently been gaining popularity, so open your eyes, and many opportunities will come your way.

Want to try your hand at Podcasting?

You can use podcasting as a platform to share your perspectives on topics that you are passionate about. Podcasts are the best media to pour out your thoughts and emotions on to a microphone. This gives you an opportunity to reach out to an entirely untapped segment of the target audience. Additionally, it also provides an individual with a chance to create a deeper connection with the audience.


Is it Revenue Generating?

If you’re promoting a message that adds value to people’s lives and you can make money advertising a company or brand that aligns with your individual or podcast’s point of view. So Sponsorship plays a significant revenue generation agent.

How to start your podcast :

  1. For recording podcast episodes:
  • Microphones
  • Audio Recording
  1. For hosting and publishing podcast episodes:
  • Hosting
  • Publishing
  • Analytics

III.    Getting in the Noteworthy Section of iTunes

  • Step 1: Create an email list or spreadsheet of contacts first
  • Step 2: Record a minimum three podcast episodes before the launch
  • Step 3: Be aware that iTunes can take 2-4 days to show your podcast
  • Step 4: Get people ready and pick a launch date
  • Step 5: Launch day
  • Step 6: Create and share future episodes consistently

Most platforms around the world require and enjoy content creators who are consistent in their work. The same applies to iTunes as well. Therefore, whether you’re involved in a daily, two days weekly, or the weekly show, make sure to build consistency from the beginning. It is very crucial to plan and begin recording the different episodes of your podcast well in advance of the release. This is an excellent habit to get yourself into as it keeps you consistent content-wise schedule intact.


As Podcasters, it is essential to create pieces worth listening to. There is no point in starting a podcast just for the sake of it, so ensure you do your background search before you get into it and invest. If there are too many people podcasting in the same space, it means that all those people are interested in that particular topic. Put in your unique way of talking and thinking about specific ideas and issues and make it as much as you can about your personality so that it’ll add a personal touch to the whole thing.

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