rating and reviewing a podcast on the itunes podcast app

If you enjoy our podcast - one of the easiest ways you can help our show to grow is by giving us a good rating and review -  this is how you rate and review a podcast (on the iTunes app): 

  1. Open the Apple Podcast App it's purple with what looks like an upside down exclamation point with two circles around it
  2. Tap on the search tab on the bottom right (yes even if you are subscribed)
  3. Type in Convicted and click on the word convicted when it shows in the search area
  4. Tap the cover art to our podcast (it should be listed at the bottom under "Podcasts")
  5. Tap the "Reviews" tab it's in the middle under the title of the show.
  6. On the review screen tap the purple link (near the middle) that says "write a review" 
  7. It will ask you to enter your itunes password to make sure you are you
  8. There are stars at the top of the page more stars means a better rating, make your star selection.
  9. Under that touch where it says "title" and enter a title for your review.
  10. Then underneath tap where it says "review" enter your review.
  11. Then Voila - you've been a huge help and receive our undying gratitude.