Season 2 Updates

What's happening with Convicted? Is there going to be a Season 2?

I can tell you that there will for sure be a Season 2, but it's going to take me some time to research and prepare. I won't do a poor job so it takes me awhile to get everything together... plus it's hard when you have to time communications with someone who is in prison. In the meantime I have a couple of projects up my sleeve that are more short term and I hope will be coming to you early next year and spring of next year. Stay tuned for more information! If you are looking for more podcasts to fill your playlist

"Cold Case Files: The Podcast" explores compelling cases that have gone cold for years, and chronicles the journeys of the detectives who reopened them. The detectives relive the events of the crimes, revealing new twists and startling revelations for full immersion into these tragic cases. They rely on breakthroughs in forensic technology and the influence of social media to help crack these cases - bringing long-awaited closure to the victim's families and friends. You can click here to listen to "Cold Case Files: The Podcast" on Podcast One or click the title above to visit A&E's True Crime Blog featuring the Episodes of CCFtP. This Podcast you can listen to in any order, though I have to admit, Episode 3, Little Girl Lost is my favorite. Working with A&E's podcast team has been a huge learning experience!

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Actual Innocence is a podcast about people who have been wrongfully convicted. Actually, it's a podcast BY people who have been wrongfully convicted. My co-host Demarchoe (Duh Mark Oh) and I interview people who have been wrongfully convicted and help them to tell their story to you. Demarchoe himself spent 22 years in prison for a crime he did not commit. The goal of Actual Innocence is to raise awareness of wrongful conviction and to provide a platform for exonerees to share their stories and feel empowered. Click here to listen via audioboom or click on the title above for the Actual Innocence Website. I recommend starting at Episode 300 and then listening through the current one THEN starting clear back at 100 and listening forward to see how the podcast has grown!

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 As always, thanks so much for listening!