The Production team...

is composed of two people who believe in this project and justice for everyone. However, Convicted has received so much help, from so many people and we have so much gratitude for all the support! Podcasting from a closet isn't always an ideal situation, but if you have great support - you can do almost anything.


brooke Gittings

Brooke is a Social Worker who is driven to advocate for people who need help. She is especially moved to help with wrongful conviction victims. She was previously a child therapist and is now a host and producer of this and another podcast.

She created Convicted because the injustice in the story of Richard Nicolas was so compelling she wanted to share it with others who could help advocate on his behalf.

She is also the host of Actual Innocence and Cold Case Files: The Podcast.

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Blake maples AKA the Music Guy

Blake is an Austin, TX based composer, producer and musician. He does all of the scoring and music for the episodes. Beyond that he's a super nice and professional (and frequently patient) person and the Convicted podcast is lucky to have him.

Blake is participating in Convicted because he believes in the mission and theme of the podcast. He has also created original music for a podcast hosted by A&E.

You can find more of his work at


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